One Big Year is an independent fundraising project organised by chartered surveyor, and possible madman, Mike Needham.

Mike, 27, wanted to do something big — REALLY big. No stranger to fundraising, he set about devising a project that would blow his past efforts to smithereens. Taking on not one, not two, not three...but TWELVE months' of intensely challenging endurance events over the course of 2012 — "that's One Big Year", thought Mike, and so the project was born.

Mike is raising money for Meningitis Research Foundation and has a target of a whopping £30,000 to hit — and we believe that with your help and support — it can be done!

Mike's year kicks off on Sunday 29 January 2012 in Wolverhampton at the world-renowned Tough Guy challenge, and will also include — in no particular order — the Edinburgh Marathon, Ironman Wales, Cotswold Way 102 mile run, English Channel pool swim and Hellrunner. Chuck in a few world record attempts, and you've got One Big Year.